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annoying error message saying chammel disconnected

Posted 3 days ago
Hi Guys,   Keep getting an annoying error saying "channel disconnected" while playing with...
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Add different games

Posted 5 days ago
New to the site but wondering which games are available for dealer's choice?  I believe I saw NLHE...
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Devs: try deleting old games again

Posted about 4 weeks ago
I see that in 2015 or so Kevin deleted all games older than 6 months and he said "that'll buy us about 5...
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New Game Format Suggestion.

+1 would be a neat addition
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Latest Blog Post

Posted by Kevin
Thursday, May 7, 2015 12:03 AM

Deleted games older than 6 months

You may have noticed lag issues or other game flakiness with the site the last few weeks.  It's been a mystery to us, as nothing in our server or network configuration has changed recently, and up till a few weeks ago the site had been running without a hitch for months.


I was starting to suspect it may be the sheer number of games created on the site in the last 6 years.  So long as they were active and showing up in a group game lobby, they were loaded in memory.  I counted almost 7000 games that were older than 6 months.


So our latest attempt to solve the site performance problems was to delete all games 6 months old or older.  If that was indeed the problem, that should probably buy us another 5 years of runway before we run out of memory again. :)


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