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What's Up, Doc? Rabbit Hunting

Friday, August 14, 2009 3:57 PM

Just rolled out a new game feature: rabbit hunting.  Even if you're new to the game and don't know what rabbit hunting is, chances are, you've done it at some point if you've played in a casual home game.


When you rabbit hunt, it's usually after you've folded a drawing hand of some sort before the river.  You want to know if you would've made your flush had you called Chuck's hefty bet.  So you ask the dealer to "hunt it", "chase it", "deal the rest", etc.  The dealer then deals the cards that would have been the turn and river and you get to either curse under your breath, or pat yourself on the back for making a good fold.


The more hardcore players frown on this practice, as they scoff at the notion that a decision can be any more or less correct based on cards that haven't been dealt yet.  They're right of course, but bah, what's the harm in a little curiosity?



Also rolled out a new features page that goes into all of the optional game rules in more depth, including a couple of YouTube videos of some of the rules in action on High Stakes Poker and elsewhere.  Let me know if you find any other good ones and I'll add them!


I also may have made some other minor updates, but honestly, I don't remember, and the computer that keeps a log of my updates is currently on the fritz so I can't look it up. ;P

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Improvements to how winnings are tracked

Thursday, August 6, 2009 9:58 PM

Just deployed another slew of minor improvements. Among them:


  • Winnings are now properly tracked, i.e. they're only recorded when you cash out of a cash game or finish a tournament. Registering for a tournament or buying into a cash game no longer deducts from your winnings.
  • If you join a group where bankroll refills are allowed, your bankroll is automatically filled the first time for you (previously you started with a balance of $0 and had to fill it yourself)
  • Start time and duration of past tournaments are now displayed in the "view past games" page, including sit & go's
  • Bankroll transaction types are now more specific...and correct (e.g. when you unregister from a tournament, the type is now listed as "Tournament refund" instead of "Tournament winnings")


I'm on a minor improvement roll! ;P

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Viewing past tournament results

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 8:30 PM

Just rolled out some minor website improvements, the main one being a new link for viewing past games, i.e. finished tournaments, and closed (aka deleted) cash games.  You can see the finish places of all players and the payouts they received.  You'll find the link at the bottom of all game lobby boxes (e.g. on your home page or on your group pages).


Also included in the roll out is a minor new game client feature--if you hover your mouse pointer over your player info...thingy after you folded, you can easily see what your cards were without having to scroll back through the chat log.  Then when you realize you would have turned trips and rivered quads, you can vow never to fold again.


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Checking in the dark

Monday, July 20, 2009 8:37 PM

Just rolled out the first new game feature I've done in a while--checking in the dark!


If you don't watch High Stakes Poker or have any hardcore poker friends, you might not know about this little maneuver.  Basically it works like this: if you're the person who's going to be first player to act in the next betting round, you can actually check before any community cards are dealt.  It's effectively saying, "it doesn't matter to me what flops (or turns, or rivers), I check."



Probably not a move you want to overuse, but I like to do it on occasion... especially if I really do intend to check either way. :)


Naturally, if you don't like this rule for some reason, you can always disable it in your own games.

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Just rolled out some more changes.  Finally got around to implementing some game client security features that I had been procrastinating on.  I suppose I should really say patching up some nasty major security holes I knew about that would've been quite embarassing if they had been discovered. :)  But on the other hand, I'm sure hackers are going to be lining up to break into a play money poker site.


Also in yesterday's release is a layout redesign for the game client.  Previously I had the chat window and all of the controls along the right side of the game.  This unfortunately made the game kind of on the wide side, and impossible to embed into a web page if I wanted to.  The redesign puts all of the controls on the bottom, which should be familiar to most people who have played poker online.  I also saved some vertical space by showing only the top halfs of players' cards.


Oh, and I added a "beta" to the logos, just in case anyone mistook this for a production-quality site! ;)

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